Why Choose 100% Cotton For Babies?

At Ardito Baby we pride ourselves on our good quality pieces that are made from safe and organic fabrics. We choose to use 100% organic cotton for all of our designs. Here's why...

Little ones, especially newborns, have such delicate skin. It is mostly this way up until the age of 3. 100% organic cotton is natural, soft and doesn't run against your baby's soft skin. Fabrics that are not organic can often cause skin reactions and aren't as soft on bubs skin, therefore it becomes an umcomfotable piece of babies to wear. 

100% cotton pieces keep your loved one cool during the summer and when created into a knit, beautiful warm and cozy in winter

Organic cotton is non-allergenic so there's less worry about your bub having rashes, eczema or even asthma from their clothing. 

Not only does it offer these amazing benefits of keeping your baby's skin soft, but it is also very durable. With other materials we often have to worry about it deteriorating after a few washes, but not with cotton. No more worrying about your pieces falling apart within a few months or weeks - they'll be able to sustain many hand me downs. 

In addition to the benefits it offers your baby, because it is 100% natural, it means it's biodegradable which means it's great for the environment.   

With so many amazing benefits we are all for 100% cotton designs. So why not grab a piece for that little someone close to your heart. 

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