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What Sleep Positions Are Safe For Babies?

The safest sleeping position for a newborn is on their back.  Placing your newborn on their back to sleep is considered the safest position for your baby and the most effective thing you can do to lower your baby’s risk of SUID, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is suggested that you should continue to do just this at bedtime and naptime for the entirety of your baby’s first year.  Sleeping on their back allows babies to breathe easier and there is far less chance of them aspirating or choking on spit-up. When babies sleep on their back, their trachea lies on top of their esophagus which makes it virutally impossible for spit-up or vomit from the esophagus to pool in...

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Why Giving Back is Important to Ardito Baby

At Ardito Baby we are all about being able to give back to charities. We are especially pasionate about being able to help young children who need our help; from young children who are sick needing funding, to those who are less fortunate and don't have access to resources we all take for granted.  We have committed to giving $100 to charity with every 100th order through our online store.  Young children are so vulnerable and innocent and with our help, we hope to help them in their toughest of times, because really they are the ones who show the most true meaning behind the word Ardito - hard, strong, brave, powerful, bold and courageous.  We can't wait to see the...

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How to Swaddle a Newborn

There's nothing more snug and cute about a swaddled baby. But not everyone knows how to perfectly swaddle their little one. Follow the below easy steps to master your baby swaddle.   Step by Step:   1: Find a flat surface and spread your baby’s swaddle blanket out in the shape of a diamond - one corner pointing up. 2. Fold the top corner down about 6 inches. 3: Place your baby face-up on the blanket. He's or her head should sit above the folded edge of the blanket, and he's or her body should extend straight down toward the bottom corner. 4. Straighten baby's left arm, then take the left side of the blanket and wrap it over the...

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