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Why Tummy Time Is Important

Let's chat about tummy time. Not all babies love it, but it's an important practice for little ones. Tummy time is when your your baby is placed on their stomach while they are awake and supervised. This position allows them to develop the muscles in their neck, shoulders, and back, which are necessary for crawling, sitting, and of course later walking. Not only does tummy time help with physical development, but it also provides opportunities for babies to explore their environment from a different perspective. Babies' being on their stomach allows them to see things from a different angle and develop their spatial reasoning skills. It's important to start tummy time early on, even when your baby is just a few weeks old. To start...

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Why Covering Your Pram To Shade Your Baby May Be Dangerous

The safety of your baby is the number one concerns for every parent. Covering the pram with a blanket has been a common technique used to protect a baby from the sun or cold weather. However, after recent research it has been discovered to be a dangerous and possibly a life-threatening for little ones. It can be dangerous for various reasons;1. Covering the pram with a blanket can block the air circulation, which can cause it to become too warm for the baby. Overheating can lead to heatstroke, dehydration, and other serious complications. On the other hand, in cold weather, covering the pram can reduce the oxygen supply, which can also be very harmful for your baby. 2. Covering the pram with a...

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White Noise & Comfort Sounds

Great chat with Sebastian from myHummy. We discuss all things white noise, comfort sounds and the best tips and tricks to help sooth your little one.  Visit myHummy:  

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Why Choose 100% Cotton For Babies?

At Ardito Baby we pride ourselves on our good quality pieces that are made from safe and organic fabrics. We choose to use 100% organic cotton for all of our designs. Here's why... Little ones, especially newborns, have such delicate skin. It is mostly this way up until the age of 3. 100% organic cotton is natural, soft and doesn't run against your baby's soft skin. Fabrics that are not organic can often cause skin reactions and aren't as soft on bubs skin, therefore it becomes an umcomfotable piece of babies to wear.  100% cotton pieces keep your loved one cool during the summer and when created into a knit, beautiful warm and cozy in winter.  Organic cotton is non-allergenic...

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